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I suspect that if I were to say that teaching is my passion, one might find this statement rather unoriginal and uninformative. Fair enough. So, let me find another way to capture the same sentiment without the glibness.

As a former biochemistry student, I had the great privilege of learning from philosophy professors who helped me discern the philosophical dimensions of scientific practice and understand why engaging with them was so important—not only for the scientific work itself, but for its possible applications in the future. Equipped with this understanding, my development as a chemist was meaningfully shaped for the better.

My aim is to create courses that afford students an opportunity to recognize the relevance of philosophical matters in their everyday lives—ranging from their personal beliefs, consumer habits, and political affiliations to the ways in which they design scientific experiments, think about resource allocation, or determine what counts as sufficient evidence across different situations. Encouragement of self and cultural reflexivity lies at the heart of my teaching philosophy.



Philosophical Questions in Medical Science


(Un)Sustainable Philosophies


Introduction to Philosophy

(Fall 2021)

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